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Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in homes across the country. It’s a clean, renewable and sustainable source of energy which pays you back financially.
Here at Summit Energies, we provide a wide range of alternative energy installations including solar PV technology in South Wales and beyond. If you would like to to find out more, take a look below or get in touch with our South Wales-based expert team on 01291 421 671.

The Benefits of Solar PV in South Wales and Beyond

You Save Money

By generating your own power, you will save some or even all of the money that you spend on your electricity bill.

Smart Investment

A typical home with a small rooftop solar system will pay back its initial investment in well under ten years whilst also adding value to the property.

It's Ecological

Unlike other forms of energy production, solar power does not produce greenhouse gases which makes it an environmentally responsible thing to do.

It's Reliable

All solar panels in the UK come with a 25 year performance guarantee and the whole system is likely to last several decades.

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It's Sustainable

There is a small carbon footprint associated with the production of the panels and electrical kit, but this is overwhelmingly offset by the environmental savings.

It's Safe

The panels don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or materials and, because of the exceptionally high industry standards, the whole system has an exemplary safety record.

No Power Cuts

With electricity demand regularly outstripping supply, power outages are forecast, but the right solar system can supply your house when the grid has shut down.

Self Generated

You shield yourself against future rises in the price of electricity. When you are making your own power, you are protected against future spikes in energy costs.

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Solar cell

A Brief History of Solar PV

PV stands for PHOTO-VOLTAIC and means electricity from light. Albert Einstein won his only Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his work on solar PV. Fundamentally, his description of the photoelectric effect is no different to the advanced technologies of today.
Energy from the sun causes small particles (electrons) on a plate to move. When the electrons flow down a wire you have made electricity and this is photovoltaics. In essence, it’s no more complicated than that.

Solar Panels Make the Wrong Stuff

Electrons flowing down a wire in one direction is called direct current. When they constantly change direction it is called alternating current. Because Thomas Edison lost an argument with Nikola Tesla in around 1890, all the appliances in our homes are powered with alternating current (AC) which is a problem because all solar panels make direct current (DC).
The solution is a piece of electrical equipment called an inverter. The inverter converts the generated power from DC to AC which is then usable in the house.

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What happens if I make more power than I need?

The inverter is clever. It knows to make electricity that is at a slightly higher voltage than the grid and therefore the solar panels are the primary supply to your home and the grid is the back up.
If the panels are making exactly what the house needs then the grid is not required and there is no spare. However this almost never happens and usually you are making either too much or too little.

What happens if I don’t make enough power?

If you are not making enough power for the house then the grid makes up the difference. If you are making too much then the excess overflows into the grid, known as export, for which you will be paid.
The value of PV Import is precisely what you currently pay for Grid Import. This revenue is from your savings off the electricity bill. The value of PV Export is whatever your supplier is prepared to pay you for the excess power.

Do I Need a Battery?

The obvious problem is that the value of PV import is considerably higher than PV export and without a battery it is likely that most of the power will end up in the grid not in your house.
solar pv system with battery
solar pv system without battery
Don’t forget that this is a highly simplified illustration and the reality will be different because of fluctuations in your house load and the PV production. However, it provides a useful illustration of how much you are likely to still need to buy off the grid without a battery.

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If you’d like to request a quote and find out more about our solar PV in South Wales, make sure to get in touch with our team today on 01291 421 671. Here at Summit Energies, we also supply a wider range of alternative energy solutions, across South Wales and beyond, alongside our solar thermal systems. These include air source heat pumpssolar PVground source heat pumps and more. Please feel free to also ask about these, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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