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Are you ready to make the switch to clean and sustainable energy? Then look no further than Summit Energies, your trusted provider of solar panel solutions in Bristol. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of harnessing the power of the sun to heat your home.

Solar Installation in Bristol

Since 2014, Summit Energies have been dedicated to helping Bristol residents make the switch to renewable energy. One of the most popular solutions we offer is solar panel systems. Our team of trained professionals take pride in providing high-quality, efficient and affordable solar panel installations for homes and businesses in Bristol.
Our dedicated team of solar panel experts specialises in handling every aspect of the installation process with utmost precision and efficiency. Rest assured, your solar panels will be installed securely and professionally, bringing you the benefits of renewable energy for years to come.
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Fill out the form below to get a rough quote for the cost to fit a solar panel system. Quick and easy online form followed by a more detailed quote if required.

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At Summit Energies, we provide transparent and competitive solar panel installation services in Bristol. Our team conducts an assessment of your energy requirements and property characteristics, ensuring an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to deliver a clear and detailed breakdown of the costs involved, enabling you to make an informed decision about your solar investment.
At Summit Energies, we consider various factors when preparing your solar panel quote in Bristol. These include the system’s size, the type of solar panels, and any desired additional components or features. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive quote that encompasses all essential equipment, installation costs, and warranties. Rest assured that with Summit Energies, the quote you receive will be fair, transparent, and accurately reflect the value you can expect from our excellent products and services.
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Solar Storage Battery Bristol

For customers in Bristol looking to achieve energy independence and enhance control over their power supply, Summit Energies presents dependable solar battery solutions. Our solar batteries enable you to store surplus energy produced by your solar panels throughout the day and utilise it when the sun isn’t shining. This guarantees a continuous power supply, even during grid outages or nighttime periods.
At Summit Energies, our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your energy requirements and suggest the most appropriate solar battery system for your needs. We offer top-quality batteries that are robust, efficient, and seamlessly compatible with your current solar panel setup.

Solar Financing Bristol

If you’re contemplating solar panel installation in Bristol and wish to spread the cost over time, Summit Energies has the solution with our flexible solar panel financing options. We have established partnerships with reputable financing institutions specialising in renewable energy finance. Our team in Bristol is well-equipped to provide you with comprehensive information about solar finance plans, including interest rates, repayment terms, and eligibility criteria.

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Solar Panel Installers Bristol

Summit Energies is dedicated to providing outstanding solar panel solutions to customers in Bristol. Our services encompass installation, maintenance, and financing, offering a complete package for a seamless and rewarding solar energy journey. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you in harnessing the sun’s power for a brighter and sustainable future.
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Solar panel storage batteries have emerged as a game-changer in the renewable energy landscape. Traditionally, solar energy systems were only capable of generating electricity during daylight hours. However, with the integration of storage batteries, excess energy generated during the day can be stored and utilised during periods of low or no sunlight. This breakthrough technology ensures a constant and reliable power supply, reducing reliance on the grid and maximising the utilisation of solar energy.

The price of a solar panel system is influenced by factors such as your home size and energy consumption. Get a rough estimate using our convenient online quote tool.

The installation of a solar panel system is typically a swift process, taking approximately 1 to 4 days. It commences with the erection of scaffolding on your property’s side to ensure the safety of our technicians while accessing your roof. Subsequently, the tiles are temporarily removed, and the solar panel housing is installed. Once the housing is in place, the tiles are reinstalled, and our engineer proceeds with the final steps, including the connection of a battery storage system and the setup of a dashboard for monitoring your energy generation and usage. Rest assured, our skilled team will efficiently handle every aspect of the installation for a seamless experience.

Determining the number of solar panels needed to power your home involves considering several factors, such as your energy consumption, location, type of solar panel system, panel efficiency, and panel orientation and tilt.

Assuming you live in an area with plenty of sunshine and have an average energy consumption of 4,000 kWh per year, you will need a 4 kW solar panel system. A 4 kW solar panel system requires approximately 10-12 solar panels, depending on the efficiency of the panels.

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So if you’re ready to discuss a new renewable heating system or you have questions, then please get in contact with us today. You can use the form on the page or reach us on 01291 421 671

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The Benefits of Solar PV in Bristol

You Save Money

By generating your own power, you will save some or even all of the money that you spend on your electricity bill.

Smart Investment

A typical home with a small rooftop solar system will pay back its initial investment in well under ten years whilst also adding value to the property.

It's Ecological

Unlike other forms of energy production, solar power does not produce greenhouse gases which makes it an environmentally responsible thing to do.

It's Reliable

All solar panels in the UK come with a 25 year performance guarantee and the whole system is likely to last several decades.

Contact The Experts

Contact us today to disucss your new solar energy system. We provide a detailed quote and site survey completely free of charge.

It's Sustainable

There is a small carbon footprint associated with the production of the panels and electrical kit, but this is overwhelmingly offset by the environmental savings.

It's Safe

The panels don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or materials and, because of the exceptionally high industry standards, the whole system has an exemplary safety record.

No Power Cuts

With electricity demand regularly outstripping supply, power outages are forecast, but the right solar system can supply your house when the grid has shut down.

Self Generated

You shield yourself against future rises in the price of electricity. When you are making your own power, you are protected against future spikes in energy costs.

Solar panels are a popular choice for our customers and for good reason. Solar energy is a clean, renewable, and sustainable source of energy that not only reduces your carbon footprint but also your energy bills.
We pride ourselves on offering high-efficiency solar panel and battery solutions that meet a variety of budgets and demands. We have the experience to help you get the most out of your investment, whether it’s a basic, freestanding solar panel system or a complicated, multi-panel arrangement with battery storage.

What happens if I make more power than I need?

The inverter is clever. It knows to make electricity that is at a slightly higher voltage than the grid and therefore the solar panels are the primary supply to your home and the grid is the back up.
If the panels are making exactly what the house needs then the grid is not required and there is no spare. However this almost never happens and usually you are making either too much or too little.

What happens if I don’t make enough power?

If you are not making enough power for the house then the grid makes up the difference. If you are making too much then the excess overflows into the grid, known as export, for which you will be paid.
The value of PV Import is precisely what you currently pay for Grid Import. This revenue is from your savings off the electricity bill. The value of PV Export is whatever your supplier is prepared to pay you for the excess power.

Do I Need a Battery?

The obvious problem is that the value of PV import is considerably higher than PV export and without a battery it is likely that most of the power will end up in the grid not in your house.
solar pv system with battery
solar pv system without battery
Don’t forget that this is a highly simplified illustration and the reality will be different because of fluctuations in your house load and the PV production. However, it provides a useful illustration of how much you are likely to still need to buy off the grid without a battery.
The beauty of solar panels is that they are very low maintenance. There are almost no moving parts meaning not much can go wrong. Solar panel systems are designed to last for years and come with a 25-year manufacturer guarantee.
Summit Energies is dedicated to offering only top-quality service. Our skilled team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, and we provide a full after-sales service to guarantee that your solar panels are working correctly.

If you’d like to request a quote and find out more about our solar panel systems in Bristol, get in touch with our team today on 01291 421 671.

We also serve Cardiff, Newport, Weston-super-Mare, Gloucester and the surrounding areas

Alongside our solar panel systems we also supply a wider range of alternative energy solutions. These include air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. Please feel free to also ask about these, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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So if you’re ready to discuss a new renewable heating system or you have questions, then please get in contact with us today. You can use the form on the page or reach us on 01291 421 671
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