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Our Green Energy Solutions Across Gloucestershire

Investing in green energy solutions for your Gloucestershire home is important.

Green energy is excellent for both the planet and for people, yet what is actually counted as ‘green energy’?

From solar to wind, read on for our guide to green energy in Gloucestershire and the range of solutions we can provide to you, in your Gloucestershire home. After all, green energy is one of the fastest-growing sources of energy in the world and it can benefit the climate, environment and economy, why wouldn’t you want to find out more?

What is ‘Green Energy’?

Green Energy, or as it is more commonly referred to as ‘renewable energy‘, is an energy that is derived from natural resources which replenish themselves in less than a human lifetime, without depleting the planet’s resources. These resources include sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, biomass and the thermal energy stored in the earth’s crust. They are virtually inexhaustible and also cause little damage to the climate or environment.

On the other end of the spectrum are fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas, all of which are available in finite quantities. If we keep relying on fossil fuels, they will run out. What’s more, even though these fuels are produced in natural processes, they do not replenish as quickly as we are using them and they cause huge amounts of pollution, including greenhouse gases and health-endangering particles. Today, the planet relies too heavily on fossil fuels and it is causing dramatic consequences.

However, since 2011, renewable energy has been growing faster than all other forms of energy. In fact, in 2019, renewable energy saw a record-breaking year, where installed power capacity grew by more than 200 gigawatts. This was its largest increase ever!

The Benefits of Green Energy in Gloucestershire & Beyond

Of course, all energy sources will have some sort of impact on the environment and green energy is not excluded from this. However, the range of advantages that green energy provides compared to the devastating impacts of fossil fuels is massive, including;

  • It emits no/low greenhouse gases, making it much better for the climate,
  • It emits no/low air pollutants, making it better for our health,
  • It comes with low costs, keeping energy prices affordable,
  • It creates jobs, benefitting the local community,
  • It makes the energy system resilient, therefore preventing power shortages,
  • It’s accessible to all.

Underfloor Heating in Gloucestershire

Underfloor heating is a system which can act as a primary heat source to replace the radiators in your Gloucestershire home. It comes in two main forms, electric systems and water systems.

An electrical system will use electrical cables to generate heat, whereas a water system will use pipes set in your flooring to pump hot water and heat your floors.

Underfloor heating has a wide of benefits, including;

  • It will evenly distribute heat consistently around each room of your home,
  • A suitably sized unit will be able to heat a much larger area than an individual radiator and work at a much lower temperature, therefore reducing your heating bills,
  • Your floors will stay warm even if you open the windows,
  • It is hidden, so won’t take up space like radiators,
  • It can be installed under a range of flooring materials including stone, tile, wood and carpet.
  • It’ll increase your home’s resale value, as it has a reputation for being ‘luxurious’.

Solar Panels in Gloucestershire

The solar panels we provide in Gloucestershire, or more specifically, solar thermal systems, are another great way to reduce your energy bills and do your bit for the environment.

Solar thermal panels are an incredibly popular system and once they are installed onto your roof, they’ll instantly begin generating free energy from the sun. They work by absorbing the heat from the sun and transferring it into your home as hot water and heating.

These solar panels also have a wide range of benefits, including;

  • They provide an endless amount of energy, all free of charge,
  • They don’t produce CO2 emissions when operating,
  • They can save you a lot of money on your bills as they use less energy to heat and less energy for space heating,
  • They also reduce the consumption of fossil fuels,
  • They can be integrated into existing systems,
  • They work efficiently, even in the winter.

Invest in Green Energy for Your Gloucestershire Home, Today

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As a company, we have been providing green energy solutions across Gloucestershire for over 40 years and have completed a wide range of projects, both domestic and commercial. Our team of experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.