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Free Air Source Heat Pump

We’re excited to introduce our exclusive offer: a free 5KW Air Source Heat Pump and hot water cylinder worth up to £7,500. Say goodbye to traditional heating systems and embrace the future of green energy.

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What's Included

5KW Air Source Heat Pump

Experience the power of renewable energy with our state-of-the-art 5KW air source heat pump

Hot Water Cylinder System

Enjoy a constant supply of hot water, knowing that it’s being heated efficiently and sustainably

All Required Plumbing

We take care of the entire installation. The grant will cover up to 3 metres of pipe work

Who is Eligible the Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

To qualify for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you must meet the following requirements:
Property Ownership: You need to be the property owner.
Existing Heating System Replacement: The scheme is designed for those replacing their existing heating system.
Valid EPC: You must have a valid EPC without cavity wall or loft recommendations to qualify for the £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme. (Please note that Summit Energies does not provide an EPC as part of the package.)
Heating and Hot Water Coverage: The heat pump must cover 100% of your heating and hot water requirements.
Additional Radiators: Kindly note that additional radiators are not included in this package.
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How to Get Started

Benefits of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The grant of £7,500 can cover the entire cost of the system, making the transition to an air source heat pump system more cost-effective for homeowners
Air source heat pumps are highly efficient, meaning you’ll not only save on installation costs but also on your ongoing energy bills, helping you keep more money in your pocket
By switching to a renewable energy source, you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint. This is a tangible way for individuals to combat climate change
With the world shifting towards greener energy solutions, upgrading to an air source heat pump ensures your home is prepared for the sustainable energy landscape of tomorrow
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